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Before you start creating your website please read this page along with the Getting Started page. These pages will help you get started.
 How to replace the Flash  images
1. Create your own images in graphic program such as Photoshop and then save as the same file names. When you save the files, you need to save it in .jpg file format.

- image_top_01.jpg
- image_top_02.jpg
- image_top_03.jpg
- image_top_04.jpg
- image_top_05.jpg
- image_top_06.jpg

2. Copy and paste your image files into the images folder.
3. Images in the flash banners will be automatically replaced with your own.
  How to replace the flash text & flash menu text
1. Open the flash_text.txt file in the web folder.
2. Replace the text in green with your own text.

&menu_2=About Us
&menu_3=Our Works
&menu_4=Contact Us
&menu_5=Getting Started

3. Save them.

How to replace the flash navigation links
1. If you open the flash_link.js file included in the web folder in FrontPage program, you will find the following codes;

case 1:window.location="index.htm" ;break;           
case 2:window.location="about_us.htm" ;break;
case 3:window.location="our_works.htm" ;break;
case 4:window.location="contact_us.htm" ;break;
case 5:window.location="getting_started.htm" ;break;
case 6:window.location="tutorials.htm" ;break;

3. Replace the page link in green color to your own. Do not change anything.
4. Save.
  CB Radio page
Old K7Pro repair page 
Attempted RMA @ PC Club
Jagtech Computer AZ

How to Add a New Page to Your Web
1. Open a page that has the layout the way you want it.
2. Go to File and then Save As.
3. Save the page under a new name.

How to Rename a page
In Navigation view, right-click the page for which you want to change the label, click Rename on the shortcut menu, and then edit the name.

How to Delet a page
In Folder List, right-click the page you want to delete and click "Delete".

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