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Perhaps someday distant. 

And now, a message from our unpaid political advisor:

We all know that oil is high priced right now.  Some say there is the need to explore alternative energy sources.  I agree, we need to find an energy source that doesn't necessarily require hydrocarbons.  However, with the geopolitical condition of the world today, and the status of the United States, I will implore this message of wisdom upon the Congress of the United States:


We need to ensure the future of our country and we cannot be left at the whims of those who would like to see us wiped off of the earth.  However, that's just what's happening as we cannot explore our own oil fields in this country, yet we get oil from the middle east.

Wake up, people!  Oil is not going away.  It is our primary energy source, like it or not.  The truth is that alternative energy sources, explored since the mid 70s with the first oil panic, have still not matured to the point where  we can rely on them in place of oil.  Ethanol?  Not if we have to endure higher corn prices to get it.  Biodiesel?  Excellent idea, except those that would push it are the same who would like to see fast food gone.  French fries are good and the oil they cook in can easily be made into biodiesel.

Let's start drilling here again wherever we have oil, and we can bring the boys home and enjoy lower prices at the pump that are not at the whim of someone who would like to believe it's still in the year 765 AD.

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