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08/29/2008 - Fixed site.

08/29/2008 - Broke site.

07/26/2008 - NEW TEMPLATE BASED SITE!  It's been two years in the wait, but I just started actually working on it tonight.  I'm lazy like that.

08/22/2006 - Update for the first time in nearly a year. Changed things around a bit, updated some stuff. Okay, a lot of stuff. Get used to it, this look is here to stay. Until I change my mind next year.

08/22/2006 - Officially added my 9C1 page to the site.

08/22/2006 - New look.

09/14/2005 - Got rid of background, minor color tweaking to site. Looks better now.

09/14/2005 - Officially added my Guitar page to the site.

01/15/2005 - Redesigned site to resemble MSN Spaces blog.

01/07/2005 - Standardized site layout - all pages are now the same color scheme. The experiment with the multiple color schemes didn't work out as well as I had hoped.

01/07/2005 - Minor bugfixes in layout.

01/07/2005 - Altered look of site. Same layout, different appearance.

11/15/2004 - Gave each page its own color scheme.

11/14/2004 - Site is currently a work in progress, please be patient while I update it!

11/14/2004 - Will be adding new links to news sites and political blogs.

11/14/2004 - Redid whole site, got rid of frames, went to tables, and generally redesigned the thing from the ground up.

05/02/2004 - Played around with the site a little bit. Added a page detailing what we are doing in Iraq, and why we are there. Changed the color and format of the site somewhat. Eliminating page title graphics, this will accomplish two things. 1, pages will load faster. 2, requires less bandwidth. More to come, stay tuned ...

01/21/2004 - Well, after almost a year, I am back up and working on the site. New URL, no longer on Earthstink!

01/21/2004 - Look for a new semi-periodical entitled "A day in the life of an Indigo Adult" coming soon!

02/05/2003 - Updated page for the first time in a month.

12/26/2002 - I really am still alive. Updated the Main page. I hope everyone had a fruitful and prosperous Christmas - both in spirit and in family.

11/23/2002 - Killed Geocities site completely, except for a manual redirect page. If you got here from there, then you know that already... :)

11/23/2002 - Reformatted Site News so the newest displays first. What was I thinking?

11/23/2002 - Fixed miscellaneous minor bugs. Links work properly now. Minor edit of info on my About page. Coming soon: A short background on my old BBS, the Silicon Speedway, hopefully with some of my old ASCII ads for the old FTNs too. If you don't know what FTN means, this forthcoming page might not appeal to you. Added more Site News. :)

11/23/2002 - ANNOUNCEMENT - the Main page will become sort of a daily updated journal of sorts. I just hope I don't get bored and stop doing it.

11/23/2002 - Fixed the Links page so that it opens new windows when one clicks on a link.

11/22/2002 - Imported old pages from my old Geocities site - these you will find linked from the "Stuff" page. More to come.

11/22/2002 - This is the birth of the new site! It is my first attempt at using frames, and I feel it turned out nicely.



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