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This page is about me, and my hobbies.
Yes, this is me on the above  left. Don't ask me what I was doing then, I don't know. :)
Either I am displaying the universal "peace-out" sign, or I am about ready to gouge out someone's eyes... I don't know ... (j/k)
it's actually the only picture of me good enough to be on the 'Net.

Anyways, like many people my age, I am 41 years old. I am 6'3", I live somewhere around west Mesa, Arizona - a 'suburb' of Phoenix (almost half the size of PHX, actually). Among the things I am into include most things of a technical nature, i.e. cars, computers, electronics etc. I enjoy listening to music from the 80's mostly, although I have been getting into new age music (Mannheim Steamroller, Vangelis, Cusco etc). For those that are interested (which would not really include me <G>) I am a Libra. I also have an INTJ / LII personality for better or worse..

I am gifted with technical knowledge in many areas - personal computers, automotive engines and powertrains, two way radio, and electronics are but a few of the areas that I feel at home with.

I drive a 1988 Chevrolet 9C1 Caprice. This is, in my opinion, one of the best cars ever built. The '9C1' is GM technojargon for "Police Package". Equipped with a 350 cubic inch engine (5.7 liter), it has the basic police road handling package, including beefier suspension, wider tires (P225/70HR15 is the size on it now), a strengthened frame, and better brakes. The 350 in this car has been modified to perform above and beyond a stock LM1 engine - current rating is 275 HP and 350 Lb. Ft. torque, putting it a bit ahead of the factory 350 that was installed in most of these cars. The transmission is a beefed up Turbo Hydra-Matic 4L60, putting the power into a 10-bolt 8.5-inch open differential, with a gear ratio of 3.08:1.

Personally, I believe these look much better than the newer, melted blob of clay looking Caprice of 1991-1996. Underneath the skin, they are both the same. My car represents what the Caprice looked like from 1987-1990. The 1986 was very similar although it used standard rectangular headlamps instead of the Euro-style composite headlights, and the Caprice emblem was mounted directly on the header panel in lieu of the hood ornament used before, and after, 1986.


I also talk on CB Radio out here in the Phoenix area.  You can catch me on 27.385 LSB, as Gary, '350' or 'Black Lightning'.  Most of the time, I will be found on Channel 1 AM here in Mesa, as well as wherever there are people talking.

27.385 is Channel 38 for those not in the know.


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