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Caprice on

9C1 is an SEO (GM Special Equipment Option) ordering number for a vehicle with Police Package.  Among options available with the 9C1 package in 1988 were larger engines, stiffer suspension, a stronger frame, beefier transmissions, higher-capacity electrical systems, better brakes, and generally heavier duty components than used on a civilian model just due to the abuse these cars receive in service.  My car is equipped with a 275-hp 350 4-bolt engine (not original) that produces ~350 lb. ft. torque at roughly 2200-2800 RPM.  It's built for some serious highway usage.  The transmission is a 4L60 - even this seems to be subject to my lead foot (I'm apparently quite hard on transmissions).  The cooling system hoses (radiator and heater) are made out of silicone (they're green) and are designed to last 4 times the life of the car (in practice).  They are original equipment and still strong after almost 19 years and 158,000 miles.  I've also modified the cooling system by installing a 4-core radiator out of a Chevy C50 commercial truck. ... This was the last year of the Chevrolet-powered carbureted Caprice.  I've modified the stock exhaust system into a catback dual setup (single cat) by welding the driver's side of an LT1 car exhaust to a passenger side exhaust by way of the bend up to the driveshaft.  Although it's not as good as a true-dual setup, it does enhance economy over the single setup, good for a car that's moderately thirsty for expensive gasoline.

The interior of the car is equipped with 1997 Grand Am bucket seats (these replaced the original 45-45 split bench [sometimes called bucket] seats that the car came with.  They're simply more comfortable).  The instrument cluster has a certified-calibration speedometer that reads to 120 MPH (as opposed to the civilian, non-certified speedo to 85 MPH).  The gauge trio on the right side of the dash under the speedo is the factory U14 unit, a part of the 9C1 package.  The dashboard top is uncharacteristically void of cracks (there's one small crack from the defroster vent on the passenger side to the windshield) - amazing for something made 19 years ago and has been subject to the Arizona climate for its duration. [The dash since cracked in 3 places simultaneously at one point over the past winter - it has been recovered with gray 'carpet']  A Cobra 148GTL AM/SSB CB radio is installed under the dashboard, feeding a Wilson 1000 antenna on the trunk.  An external speaker helps it to get heard while driving on noisy freeways.  A computer desk is installed just to the front of the seats, between in the console area.  This desk is used with a Panasonic Toughbook CF-28 notebook computer that's used largely as a GPS unit, along with the GPS receiver antenna on the dashboard.  See pictures below (historical). A fully-functional spotlight is mounted on the driver's side A-pillar, and heavy-duty rubber push bumpers are mounted on the front bumper. 

Please feel free to check out current pictures of the car as well as historical pictures - I am providing these here for all to see.  The pictures on the top are current.  I've had this car in 3 different colors over the past 5 years I've had it.  First was white, which it was for over 4 of those years, then I painted it black.  The black paint didn't turn out well so it required a respray - being the Arizona / Salt River Valley and the heat that comes with that, I decided it wasn't going to be black again.  In homage to my old, since retired, 1975 Pontiac Grand Am, the car received a paint job of Bright Red with black under/rocker panels, and blackout chrome.  NOTE - Pictures are in 640x480 format, because my camera sucks.  Clicking on an image will open the large image, clicking on the large image will return you to this page.


Looking at it from the 10:00 position   The 10:30 position   The 11:00 position
Head On, apply directly to forehead   Cragar 342 NASCAR style Wheels!   From the 1:30 position
From the 5:30 position   From the 7:00 position   From the 9:00 position
LM1 275HP Driver side   LM1 275HP Passenger side   U14 speedometer
From passenger door   From driver window   Computer detail


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