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This is the CB radio page.  Included here will be my current setup, as well as historical setups.  Also, some tips and tricks for the Cobra 148GTL / Uniden Grant XL (PC412 / EPTO14811Z), Uniden Madison (MB8719) and Cobra 2000GTL citizens band radios.  Along with tips/tricks for any other radio I work on and whatever else I choose to put here.
My Current Setup.

Base: Cobra 2000GTL made in 1978, Cobra CA-60 Dynamike Plus Microphone, 50' Times Microwave LMR400 Coax, HyGain Penetrator 500 base antenna mounted on a 20' telescoping mast (aka 'push up pole') on the top of my house.

Mobile: 1989 Cobra 148GTL with NPC mod and Galaxy FC347 external frequency counter (blue LEDs),  Wilson 5000 trunk mount with RG8X coax.  Cobra stock microphone.  

My radios: Cobra 148 GTL, made in Taiwan in Summer 1980 - in excellent condition.  Cobra 148 GTL, made in Taiwan in early 1984, virgin radio.  Cobra 148 GTL, made in the Philippines in April 1989, with NPC mod and Galaxy FC347 frequency counter, excellent condition.  Cobra 148 GTL, made in Taiwan 1988, very good condition.  Uniden Grant XL, made in the Philippines in 1998 - CHANNEL HOGGER RADIO!   Cobra 2000GTL base made in Taiwan in 1978. with NPC mod.  Midland 77-824 AM mobile made in Korea in 1977, good condition. Realistic TRC-427, made in 1982, excellent condition. Realistic TRC-427 (#2), made in 1982, excellent condition.  Cobra 142GTL, excellent condition, Taiwan 1978.  Cobra 148F GTL, with Uniden PC412 board, all blue lights, excellent condition. Cobra 148 GTL "Frankenradio" made in 1978, remanufactured.

Other stuff: Texas Star 250HDV "Killer Bee" amp, Commander (Palomar) 250A mobile solid state, Messenger 250 mobile amp (older one with MRF transistors), D&A Raider tube base amp, Palomar Model 60 tube base amp, Palomar Model 200X tube base amp - retubed for 6LB6 finals, various equipment and instruments for tuning and aligning radio equipment.

Cobra 148GTL (PC412/EPT014811Z), Cobra 2000GTL (PC497), Uniden Grant (PC409), Uniden Grant XL (PC412/PB208), Uniden Madison (PC411) Tips and Tricks!

MB8719 Truth Chart - for use with the 11.3258MHz X3 crystal.

Frequency chart (roadmap) for the PC409/PC411/PC412/PC497/PB208/EPT014811Z with the 11.3258 X3 crystal, with mod to pins 10,11 and 14. (Microsoft Excel 2003 format)

  CB Radio page
Old K7Pro repair page 
Attempted RMA @ PC Club
Jagtech Computer AZ

The real dirt on N7ZZT A/K/A Eric Oyen.              On July 29th, Eric made a post in the forum regarding Timothy Hoffman.  Find out by clicking here how his post is misleading on many levels.

Cobra 2000GTL BIG AUDIO MOD!   This puts 'BIG RADIO' sound into your venerable, classic Cobra 2000 GTL base unit on AM.  And, it does it cleanly!   With one or two modifications, this can also be used on the Cobra 148GTL, and/or the Uniden Grant XL. No it does not affect SSB, it is strictly AM.        

Note:  The best Cobra 148GTL models to get are made from 1981 on in Taiwan or the Philippines.  These are the radios that are made by Uniden and are of excellent quality. Older Taiwan radios (they started in 1978) are also Uniden but had some teething issues (sideband and SWR selection switches, solder joints, work in progress - see TB 1226), will need some improvement to be like the newer radios.  Radios made in Malaysia are made by Ranger (RCI).  These can be made to be excellent radios, but require some work (soldering work, PLL swap if you want channels, etc).  If you wish to leave your Malaysia radio stock, then the soldering work is all that needs to be done with it.  Forget about anything with the front mic jack, these are NOT anywhere near as good as the Uniden radios, nor are they close to the Ranger made 148s in performance.

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